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How to send mail with a hidden copy in Hotmail

Hotmail: Steps to send mail with a hidden copy 

As a frequent user of the Hotmai email , surely you have already realized that there is the possibility of sending messages with Hidden Copy (CCO).  This option has been created to send multiple messages but safeguarding the privacy of our contacts.  In this way an email will reach several people, but without any of its recipients being aware of the identity data of the rest.

Using this option is very simple, but if you still do not know how to do it in this article of Open Mail Hotmail we show you something more on the subject.   Take note and pay attention to what follows:
·        As you can imagine, the  first step is to enter your Hotmail account as usual.   To do this, just type in the address bar of your browser and then enter your email address and password.
·        Then, on the home page, you must click on the option Send email .
·        Once you have the email form, you should write your message as usual, if you like you can attach a file. To enter the recipients you must click on the CCO link.   Then, you will see that they appear under the option For two new sections where you can enter your emails. These are CC (with copy) and CCO (with hidden copy).   You must select the BCC option and enter your emails separated by commas.
·        Once this step is completed, all you have to do is click on Send , and that's it! Your email will be sent to multiple recipients.
And that's it.   With these simple steps you have already sent an email with Hidden Copy to your contacts.  We invite you to test these tips the next time you log into your account.

Hotmail allows you to create emails to receive spam

Microsoft's Hotmail e-mail service has officially added to its users the ability to create additional e-mail addresses only to receive spam.

The purpose of this is to help users to avoid receiving spam constantly, or to disclose personal information on the forums.

According to CNet , Microsoft's idea is to just use a Hotmail e-mail service, users can manage all the messages to read and the "just for deleting" messages in a mailbox.

This means that, users can create more secondary Hotmail addresses, and these accounts will be in the management of a primary Hotmail account. These extra email addresses can still read, or reply to messages as normal.

To create this secondary email, users only need to access their Hotmail service, select the option "Create a Hotmail alias". The process of creating secondary emails is similar to creating a primary email account.



Hotmail allows you to create emails to receive spam - Image 1
The process of creating secondary emails only to receive spam of Hotmail - Photo: CNet


According to Microsoft, the company now allows only five master email accounts to manage up to five secondary email addresses, which can be removed or replaced by any new address.

Expected, if this idea succeeds in the coming time Hotmail will upgrade the management of secondary email address from 5 to 15 addresses.

With this new feature, Microsoft hopes that Hotmail will help users with new email addresses to provide to third parties, such as account registration at forums, game accounts, accounts. receive mail ...

Hasanbegović about the Hotmail Hotline and the current situation in the Government and the HDZ

In the show and the N1 studio live, the current political situation was commented by the Parliamentary Representative of Independents for Croatia, Zlatko Hasanbegović.

How do you assess the current political situation of Andreja Plenković regarding the Hotmail affair?

Plenkovic will formally find himself in a position from today on the day he came to power. He is neither a politician nor a statesman than an administrator. This Government will formally have the status of a technical government from today and will serve as a maintenance quo. Plenkovic will exist until the different lobbying interests within the HDZ decide otherwise.

When you talk about those in whose name Plenkovic will be administered, can you tell who they are?

The whole story of the Agrokora sunshine, and after the publication of the original mails, has shown the fundamental fact that there is a strong "deep state" in Croatia and a weak official state that is the instrument of this deep state. Plenkovic gave a good coinage called the group of these financial subcontractors. They are not subcontractors but performers. The sub-contracting is a Croatian state. Let us remind the fact that the mentor of this cluster group is a former finance minister from the late 90s, and he is also a mentor of a former economy minister who, after the election, entered the government as an expression of the will of HDZ voters or the will of the party as a personal choice of Plenković. Mrs Dalić is Mr Plenković, and Mr Plenković is Mrs. Dalić.

What are the views of HDZ voters today?

Where HDZ voters are a question that has the characteristics of the circle quadrature. The answer we will get at the next election. We have a kind of political schizophrenia. Plenkovic came to power on the basis of voter support and then he defeated and formed a government that was by value incompatible with the values ​​of those voters. After the adoption of the Istanbul Convention, which will prove to be the starting point for the sunset of Plenković, we have a paradox that the political left now has a new leader called Andrej Plenković.

Is there a combination and possible reversal to support an HDZ government?

The relocation will not be because they are the key guarantors of the government against the relocation. Milorad Pupovac is against the relocation. This Government and Plenkovic will survive as long as the conglomerate of various interest groups in the HDZ considers this to be in his interest. Plenkovic's promotional strategy goes in the direction of not promoting the image of Plenkovic as a promoter of state goals, but emphasizing the fact that he has no alternative to him. Every such policy is condemned to the ruin. But that will not happen right away. We enter the period, in the political sense, which we can call the summer-winter dream, because by the beginning of September, citizens and political elites will be busy with other things.

But lex Agrokor is near ...

Lex Agrokor and its implementation can be extended again for another three months in order to get rid of it because the actors involved in the process have an interest in everything going in the right order and taking what they can take. These are just threats, firing from false gunshots to ultimately, and even the blackmail method, gained more than they are now getting.

On Saturday, the HDZ Parliamentary Report, do you expect someone to hold a speech like Plenkovic held in 2016 when he criticized the leadership of the party?

Probably one of the actors in the speech will try to point to some problems, but that will be the Latin words that will call for party unity. It will be a show with flags, leaders and extravagant stars. Everyone who expects something special on this Parliament will be disappointed.

Browsing Hotmail is easy with HotmailPlus

Although it has fallen behind Gmail or Yahoo Mail, but Hotmail is the number one webmail user with the largest number of the world. If you are a fan of Hotmail then you use HotmailPlus to "modernize" your Hotmail account.


Main interface

Although it has fallen behind Gmail or Yahoo Mail, but Hotmail is the number one webmail user with the largest number of the world. If you are a fan of Hotmail then you use HotmailPlus to "modernize" your Hotmail account.

HotmailPlus is a professional e-mail tool for Hotmail, with the same interface and features as Outlook Express. Also, with HotmailPlus, you will not need to sign into the Hotmail interface full of Microsoft ads anymore.


Account declaration interface

After successful activation, HotmailPlus will give you the account declaration interface, as follows: Click "New" under the "Account"box and type your name in the "New Account" . The name will appear immediately in the "Account" box - Type your Hotmail address in the "E-mail" box and the password box in the "Password"box . Depending on the need to use Hotmail you mark and the Feature box below. When the report is complete, click OK to enter the main user interface - finally click the "Check Mail" button to download the message.



HotmailPlus has the ability to manage countless Hotmail accounts. Just go to the "Service" menu - select "Settings" - select "New" to start the process of setting up a new HotmailPlus account.

HotmailPlus will display its activity icon in the clock tray as a blue @@ character, whenever a new message arrives, the icon will immediately issue a warning message.